Boscoe is near...

I finally revealed my "secret" to the "world" yesterday. On 7/15/21, I officially launched my social media campaign. OK, now that sounds WAY too professional...I posted my video and website on Facebook and Instagram. But to me, that was a HUGE step. That simple act makes this real. I'm no longer just a supporting cast member in a musical group. It's me. Spotlight is on THIS guy. Oh well, no taking it back now. Seriously, I can't...I'm old and don't know how to remove my posts!

Regardless of any fears I may have, I'm also relieved, excited and curious. Relieved that I finally had the guts to do it, excited to see the love and support (and "likes") from my friends and family that will boost my confidence and curious to see what people who AREN'T obligated to "like" me think. It's one thing to play your album/songs for your buddies and have them say how great they are, but when it's a total stranger...that's when it really feels good. I still get goosebumps thinking back to my old Flying Blind days. Having total strangers come up to us and sing our song to us. Hearing our music on a radio station in a city on the other side of the country for the first time and it was a "request." (BTW kids, "requests" are things people did back in the olden days...they'd call a radio station and ask them to play their favorite songs! What's a radio station? What's a radio? Oh, shut up. Go TikTok or somethin'.)

Thank you and love you! 


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