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From the recording The Ballad of Boscoe Jenkins

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Music and Lyrics - Scotch Beck
All Instruments and Voices - Scotch Beck


Wish it wouldn't end this way
What can I do or say
Please don't go away
Must be strong, I've got to try
Wipe the tear drop from my eye
Still I wonder why
Count the stars this one last time
Feel your heart beat next to mine
The sun begins to shine
Now's the time for our last kiss
I only dream I had one wish
Can't you give me this?

Wish it wouldn't end so soon
(But there's nothing that I can do)
Thought your love was here for me
(But it will never be)
Now he's back and takes your heart
(And tore mine all apart)
You look up at me...It ends so suddenly
I hold you close, I hold you tight
And I kiss your lips goodbye
The emptiness inside