From the recording The Ballad of Boscoe Jenkins

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Music and Lyrics - Scotch Beck
All Instruments and Voices - Scotch Beck


I.... just wanna be young again
Memories of me... so much pain
I.... wonder why
How could I be, so stupid
Now that I know, how to do it
I want another try

I.... just wanna be young again
Surround myself with love and countless friends
I.... would do it right
And everybody, will be so impressed
No more “Mr...shy and gutless”
Just one more try

But I know it will never be
I’m stuck with only memories
Of chances that I’d never take
And a life I never thought I’d make

Just let me go back
And let me tell you
How I feel
And l can love you

I.... just wanna be young... again
Memories of friend
I.... should’ve leaped so high
Shoulda told you, then I’d hold you
And kiss you so slow, never let go
But it’s all a lie