1. Always You

From the recording The Ballad of Boscoe Jenkins

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Music and Lyrics - Scotch Beck
All Instruments and Voices - Scotch Beck


As you lie sleeping, I see that you’ve cried
I know that you don’t like, saying goodbye
Just know that I love you
And I will return
To you...always you

Wish I could stay here, warm by your side
But life has it’s demands
And Lord knows I’ve tried
To find other avenues
And provide for you
But it’s hard...oh so hard

So I’ll kiss you...and miss you...the second...that I walk away
And I’ll hurry...don’t worry and I’ll love you til the end of our days

So please don’t feel lonely, when I’m gone today
Know I’m thinking about you, all through the day
And know that I need you
And I will return
To hold you....always you