Boscoe is here.

Well, folks... the day has finally come! I launched my first "solo" album. It's been such a fun, interesting, weird, challenging, rewarding, scary process that I can't WAIT to do again. Speaking of, I've already begun laying down tracks for the next album: "Boscoe 2: Eclectic Boogaloo!" (Ok, that's just a working title, but you gotta admit, it has a ring to it...)

I love making music. And as much as I truly hope people like what I do, the most important thing for me is the therapeutic effects the writing, playing, recording has on me. Some of my songs are pretty dark... dark enough that my best friend straight up asked me "why do you do this to yourself?" The answer is simple... it's the only way I know how to communicate. Drums were always there for me... feeling frustrated? Bang it out. Pissed off? Beat the shit out of the skins. Fortunately along the way, I found a way to exorcise the "feeling sad, lonely or depressed?" demons in another way. A great example is on this album.

"That Look From You" is based on a true story, well, technically TWO stories. It was triggered by one and the scene that I set up is from another. The event that inspired it came from the chance sighting of a very recent girlfriend whom I cared for a great deal. As I drove past a local gas station I just happened to see her happily bounding across the parking lot and leap into the arms of her new man. The timing...the coincidence...just insane. It hit me in the gut like a lead softball. Instant betrayal, sadness, depression, loneliness took over as I finished my drive home. I went straight to the "Cantina" (my personal studio, bar, entertainment's NOT a man cave! Ok, it's a man cave...) and I picked up the guitar. I put the capo (Google it) on a fret (Google it) that I normally don't utilize. I put my fingers in a random position... seriously, a chord I've never played and hit the strings. It spoke to me. My brain took over: "make this chord happen" and I found it. Then another. Then another. It just happened. Then I started singing a melody (usually nonsense words until I find the melody I like) and then started crafting the story based on what I saw and how I felt. 

As I started the story, an old, long forgotten memory popped into my (quite sizable) noggin. The time, long ago, that I was on stage playing drums and I saw my long time girlfriend, now ex in the crowd, right in front of me with someone new. Then they started dancing and kissing to our music and I couldn't escape. I couldn't look away. I couldn't run. We were in the beginning of our set. All I could do was hit the drums. So I did. Harder than I've ever hit anything in my life. Those feelings rushed back and collided with my new ones and the words poured out. The song was finished within an hour, two at the most. Sometimes it works that way. It just comes. And as bad as it sucks for something like that to happen... at least I was able to get it off my chest and possibly save thousands of dollars in therapy sessions? 

Anyway, if you haven't already, spend some time with "That Look." Maybe it'll help with a memory you have. Then again, maybe it won't and you'll just wonder "why the hell does he DO that to himself?"

Love you all.

~ Scotch

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