Boscoe is coming!! (Part deux.)

The CDs are in! I know, I know... NOBODY buys CDs anymore. However, I'm old school...(well, I got the OLD part right...) anyway, I like HOLDING something (and using too many capital letters to show inflection, obviously.) I've also been drinking scotch. Tonight's half-drunken blog is brought to you by a brand spanking new bottle of Kilchoman Px Sherry Cask. I know most of you don't care what I drink... kinda like how I REALLY don't care what you ate at dinner, even thought you shared a VERY nice picture of it to social media. But maybe, just maybe, someone does and is looking for something yummy to imbibe. If that's the case, I'm always happy to share and you could always shoot me an email and ask whisky questions. Or any questions really. Wow, I got off topic...

CDs are IN! They aren't available to buy yet, but I have them in my greasy (literally...Ruffles) hands and I'm so happy. Can't WAIT to share this album with you. Thank you SO much for the pre-orders I've already received! The digital album has been to delivered to numerous streaming platforms so far and I BELIEVE they will be live soon. I set the pre-order date for that to July 4th. Also, if you haven't already seen it, please take a sec and check out my merch! I have some t-shirts and a coffee mug with my big 'ol mug of a face on 'em.

Well, I'm gonna get back to drinkin'... Thanks again for all your support. Means the world to me!


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